Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How To Go To Paradise or Jannah

Last night lecture, Sheik gave a lecture about how to go to Paradise or Jannah.
He said that If you want to go to Paradise or Jannah, then you have to make alot of Sujud (Prostating). It means Sujud in prayer. If you are praying then you will have to do sujud which Allah loves to see us prostating and asking forgiveness.

The second thing that he said was you need to do alot of good deeds, such as giving charity, helping other in need, being good kids at home or in school, fasting, etc.

Insha Allah, this is very good naseeha (advise) for all of us that how important salah is in our life.

May Allah accept all our salah and other ibadaah. Ameen.

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