Saturday, August 30, 2008

How To Teach Your Kids At Home

To know how to teach your kids at home is extremely important for your success in teaching and homeschooling them.

Every child is different.
Some kids can sit and do homework seriously. Other kids don't want to sit for long enough to do the homework.
Are they good listener? Are they more active? Do they jump right in? Are they visual learners? Are they more observant when they learn? Are they more audio type of learners?
It takes the time to observe just how they learn.
It takes the time to gain an understanding of just how the learn and perceive.

Some of the tips how to teach the kids at home are:

  • Making plan for short term and long term.

  • Providing the kids text books, CD, paperworks, classes, internet classroom, and etc. The kids have to finish all their homeworks.
    I always give them the textbook and let the kids have to read and work on it.
    The kids will learn by themself. This is what we call selfstudy.
    When the kids have problem on their homework, you have to explain them clearly until they understand very well or give them another problem but keep in the same topic.
    You have to remember that every child is different.

  • Giving them small and simple quiz.
    The Quiz is for you to see that the kids learn enough on or to see if you can give them higher level on that subject.

  • Joining the contests, such as spelling bee contest, science, math, etc.
    The contests will help them to see how well the kids are in learning.
    The kids will be happy and proud to see if they win the contest.
    If they do not win, then you have to tell them that the kids need to learn more so they will understand that learning everyday is important to be successful.

  • Having field trip.
    You don't have to go far away. You find the place where the kids can learn and have fun. Masjid or mosque is our favorite place for field trip. We try to go to different masjids on the weekend and in the same time the kids will listen to the lecture. The second place is the beach because we live near by beach. The kids love to see the natural environment. We love to see other places, too.

  • Teaching them to see what is happening in the real world. You should teach the kids to see why they have to learn the subject that they are learning by explaining what is happening in the real world.

  • Don't forget to teach the kids about our beautiful religion, Islam. The kids need this knowledge to be good leader in the future. If they learn something about Islam then the kids should practice it in in their daily activities.

  • Praying and making alot of doa.

I want you to remember that every child is different and special. The success of teaching the kids, it is different to everyone. You can learn how the other have done to their kids.
It is all about your child's success, you can try different approaches what is working and what is not for each child. They are all different.

Don't forget that learning is process.
It is important that to have alot of sabr (patience).

May Allah make it easy to teach our kids. Ameen.