Thursday, February 26, 2009

I want to be a Muslim

Last night, as usually we went to masjid for Isha praying.
When we got there, there was a lady who was standing in the front of door. She was waiting for someone to open the door to get inside the masjid.
I never saw this lady before. I asked her name. Her name was Barbara.

When we got inside, it was time for Isha praying.
With my two daughters and the lady, who sat down on the chair, were getting ready for praying. The lady could not stood up because her back was so pain to stand.
I said to her you can sit down if you can not stand up.

When we finished praying, she started asking about me.
I also asked her about how did she know about Islam. I thought she knew about praying but she didn't know anything, yet. She just followed what we were doing.
She said that she had Muslim friend when she was young in Washington D.C.
She came to masjid because someone told her about this masjid.
Alhamdulillah, I was coming to the masjid last night and met her.
It's Allah's planning.

These are some of conversations from last night.

I asked: "Do you know how to pray?"
She said: "No."

I asked: "Do you know about the five pillar in Islam?"
She said: "No."

Then I explained to her about the five pillars of Islam one by one.
The five pillars of Islam are
  • Saying Kalimah Shahadah,
  • Praying Five time a day,
  • Fasting in month of Ramadan,
  • Zakah or Charity,
  • Pilgrim to Hajj in Makkah.

I asked: "Do you want to say sahadah with me to become Muslim?"
She said: "Yes, please help me how to say it."

Then I started saying the kalimah sahadah slowly and she followed what I said.
We tried to say it again for the second time, and then the third one.
And then She said again, too.
I explained the meaning about kalimah sahadah to her after that.

I said: "Alhamdulillah, now you are Muslim. May Allah save you from the hellfire. Ameen. You have to learn salah/praying after this. Insha Allah, we meet again in the masjid. I let her know about new class for new shahadah in the masjid, too."
She said; "Thank You, sister."

I also explained to her about the six pillars of Belief.
She has to believe in
  • Allah,
  • Prophets Allah - including prophet Yesus alayhi salam and our last Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam,
  • Book of Allah - Al Qur'an,
  • Angel of Allah,
  • Life after Death and Destiny,
  • and the Day of Jugement.

And then my husband came to see me, if she needed any help.
I knew that she will need alot of helps from us, as Muslim, to learn more about Islam such as:
  • how to pray,
  • how to read Al-Qur'an,
  • how to do fasting,
  • how to do wudhu and clean ourself,
  • how to control ourself from the temptation this dunya,
  • etc.

I gave her my telphone number.
I think that it was a blessing from Allah to me to help her.
She also got hidayah/guidance and blessing from Allah to become Muslim.
She was happy that she was Muslim before death is coming to her.

I told my kids that we don't know Allah's plan. We always have to do good deeds in everywhere and to everyone who need help.

May Allah bless all of us to help other to good deeds in this life. Ameen.

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