Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dean's List

On Monday, we went to campus to register Spring course. While we filled out the form in cafetaria, we met the Dean of Student. He said Hi and How are you doing? to my daughter. I said that I would like to have meeting for her. He asked me if I can wait for half an hour.
After half an hour, he came back and asked us to come to his office.

He asked my daughter student ID to log in to her academic's record for Fall semester. He called the Director admission to print out the paper and give the academic's record one for us.
He asked us to come back again tomorrow morning to do the register for the courses because He had to ask the Dean of Academics first what courses she can take for Spring.

On the way home, my daughter saw her record that she is in Dean's List. And my youngest one said if she(her older sister) is in Dean's List and then I am in Mommy's List. Her other two brothers laughed out loud.
Alhamdulillah, my daughter finished the semester with good grade.

This is just sharing story, that you can do to your older kids, too.
Of course, you will find out some of good and bad things about putting the kids early in college. For us, there are more good things than bad.

If she/he is ready in academic and her/his maturity, you can try to apply in any college close to your house. If not, you can wait until he/she is mature enough to go to college. Some kids can learn indenpendently at home very well.

There are so many way to homeschool our older kids to high level or college level.

  • Taking online courses or distance learning. There are so many free courses online, such as MIT courses.
  • Taking courses in Community College.
  • Joining Homeschooling Coop in your area.
  • Taking and preparing test, such as CLEP, SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.

Insha Allah, we will hear sharing story from other homeschooling families who have older kids.

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May Allah increase our knowledge and eeman. Ameen.