Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Reward Man gets after his Death?

Last weekend, my husband shared the true story to my kids about digging the grave in Indonesia. They were digging because the cemetery was going to move to other place. He really didn't know why.

Before they put one of the death bodies back to the new place in graveyard, the family of dead person opened and changed the kaffan (white fabric was used to cover the dead body) with the clean kaffan.
The whole dead body was perfectly in good condition, but the skin was so dry.
Althought that the death was already more than years, but the body was still not decaying.
My husband said to the kids that, Insha Allah, it was the good sign to the dead person. My husband was asking to the family of that dead person to find out what kind of ibadah that the dead person always did in life time.

The family answered that:

  • This dead person never missed salah five times a day.
  • This dead person always performed salah tahajjud at midnight.
  • This dead person did fasting Ramadan, other fasting sunnah, and fasting Monday & Thursday.
  • This dead person always helped others and gave charities even in small amount.

May Allah accept all this dead person's ibadaah and forgive all the sins. Ameen.

Insha Allah, the story will give very good advise to us so we can do more ibadah to prepare our next life, especially to our kids.


What Reward Man gets after his Death?

Abu Huraira (Radi Allah Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) as saying:
"When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three,
1. Recurring charity,
2. Or knowledge (by which people) benefit,
3. Or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased)."

[Sahih Muslim : Book 13 Kitab Al-Wasiyya, Number 4005]


  • Charity

    All the charities that we gave to the right place, it will give rewards continuesly when we die. The examples of this kind of charities are such as:
    • Build masjid.
    • Build house for orphans.
    • Build school.
    • Help poor people and other people who need out help in financial.
    • Help the orphan for their basic needs.
    • Give book or Audio of Al Qur'an.
    • etc.

    It is important to teach our kids to be generous and always to help others in any situations.
    There are so many people who are in need to fulfill for their basic needs day to day, such as food, drink, clothes, and place to live.
    In US or in develop countries, the muslim kids are missing this kind of situations.
    Most of them live happiness and have alot of foods, drinks, and good clothes.
    Insha Allah, we can teach our kids to be generous to other kids who need our helps.

    Activities for kids

    • Go to shelter home.
    • Join the social activities.
    • Help to collect clothes for refugee.
    • Gather the can foods for the food bank in your area.
    • Sell something and then send the money to other poor people who need our helps in other countries.
    • Collect the pennies from all your friends then send the money to poor people in other countries or give the money to charity/fund organization.
    • etc.

    To read more about charity and zakah, please go click below links.

  • Useful Knowledge

    The second thing is useful knowledge.
    It means that the knowledge can benefits to others, especially knowledge about our religion, Islam.
    Something that we can do are:
    • Tell about Islam to other.
    • Teach Al Qur'an to someone.
    • Invite non Muslim to learn about Islam.
    • Have lecture of Islam on weekend to refresh our Muslim Community about Islamic knowledge.
    • Give good Islamic teaching to our friends when we are gathering.
    • Sharing Islamic knowledge through internet, book, or other media.
    • etc.

    Let's teach our kids to learn about our religion and to teach it again to other so the knowledge it will be useful. Insha Allah.

    Activities for Kids

    Some of the actitivies are:

    • Let's teach the older kids about Islam, then let the olders teach the youngs.
    • The same thing about learning and memorizing Al Qur'an. If your older kids knew how to read Alphabet Arabic, then the older kids should help the young one or other kids to learn it.
    • Let the kids tell their friends about Islam and other Islamic activities, such as salah, fasting, charity, and hajj.

  • Pious Kids Who Prays For Parent

    This is the most important in our lives. Teaching the kids to be pious is not easy task. It takes patient and taqwa for the parents to do this. First of all, we as parents have to be pious, so we can teach our own kids to be pious, too.
    We want our kids to pray for us when we die.

Insha Allah, we will start to do some of the activities. Time goes by so fast. Don't you think so?

May Allah help us to teach our kids to be pious.
May Allah guide us always to do more ibadaah in this life.
Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.