Thursday, November 20, 2008

American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC8)

The kids joined in American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC8) on November 18, 2008 in Avon Public Library, Connecticut.
The contest was for kids who were in grade 5 to grade 8.
There was 25 problems for 40 minutes. This test was very good for kids who love math.
It's also helping the kids to prepare for high level in Math.

It was almost the time when we got in library. Everybody already sat and got ready for the test. I let the kids learned and met their other homeschooling friends in this competition.

We didn't forget about our salah Zuhur. We had to stop in rest area by highway I-91 North. The kids learned to find out the Qiblah by using the compas.
We prayed and had lunch in the rest area.
For salah Asar, we tried to go home early. But the traffic was so slow. Finally, we stopped by in Masjid Berlin for salah Asr. Alhamdulillah.
Now, Maghrib will coming soon. On the highway I-91 South, it was really moved slow almost not moving. We had to find another route way to get home soon for Maghrib pray. Finally, we had time for Maghrib in Masjid Al Islam, New Haven.

It's really difficult when we travelled in this winter because the time for salah is so short. We really have to plan a head for the travelling so we will not miss our five daily pray.

Alhamdulillah, the kids had learn:
  • Math,
  • How to find the Qiblah when travelling,
  • and had fun in the same time.

Insha Allah, the result of the test usually will be in 2 week or beginning in December.
AMC 10 /12, it will be on February 2009.

May Allah give us useful knowledge. Ameen.